ThermoSysPro is a library that provides model components in the disciplines of thermal hydraulics and instrumentation and control. It has been developed in the Modelica language from the Modelica Association.

The library is developed using Dymola and released under the open source Modelica License 2. It can be used for teaching, academic and industrial purposes.

ThermoSysPro has been mainly designed for the modeling and simulation of thermal power plants of all kinds (nuclear, fossil fuel fired, solar, biomass, combined heat and power…), but can also be used for energy systems at large such as heat networks or industrial processes.

To that end, the library contains over a hundred model components such as combustion chambers, heat exchangers, turbines, machines, piping elements, etc. In particular, one and two-phase water/steam flows, as well as flue gases flows are handled. All components use first principle physical laws to represent systems static and dynamic behavior.

Thermodynamic cycle of a concentrated solar power plant.

The library has been verified against several real industrial test cases belonging to all main domains of thermal power plant modeling, namely the nuclear, thermal, biomass and solar domains. The models of the test-cases are provided with the library.

ThermoSysPro can be used for many engineering purposes, such as, but not limited to: system sizing, system control verification and validation, system monitoring, system diagnosis and prognosis, training. It is particularly suited for the study of thermodynamic cycles in wide ranges of pressures and temperatures.

Advanced computer experiments can be performed on ThermoSysPro models using the software Persalys. Persalys is a graphical interface to OpenTURNS methods which guides non-specialists through model analysis, calibration, optimization and reduction.

Sensitivity analysis of a ThermoSysPro solar receiver using Persalys. The sun radiation and angle of incidence have more influence on the output power than the collector focal length, reflectivity or rim angle.

New developments are ongoing to extend the use of the library for multi-mode modeling and state estimation (ModeliScale project), automatic system testing (EMBrACE project), and data reconciliation (implementation of the VDI 2048 standard).

ThermoSysPro contributors

ThermoSysPro is developed by EDF LAB CHATOU PRISME Department.