New design for Otfmi documentation


Otfmi is a Python library facilitating the probabilistic study of FMUs by interfacing OpenTURNS with PyFMI. Otfmi is notably used as backend for Persalys (OpenTURNS graphical user interface). See this article about the use of Persalys on a ThermoSysPro model. In the... Read more

ThermoSysPro book reached 10.000 downloads


The book describing ThermoSysPro library totals 10911 chapter downloads since 2019. This book, entitled Modeling and Simulation of Thermal Power Plants with ThermoSysPro, features a large range of illustrative, real-world examples. The book covers all types of power plants, including nuclear,... Read more

ThermoSysPro was at the 14th Modelica Conference


ThermoSysPro library was presented three times at the 14th Modelica conference. Two research papers from EDF and the OpenModelica team showed the use of new calibration methods on ThermoSysPro models: New method to perform data reconciliation with OpenModelica and ThermoSysPro... Read more

14th International Modelica Conference


Phimeca, EDF and Hubert Blervaque united their competences in data science and thermic modeling for the Read more

ThermoSysPro training session - 8-9th November 2021


The PRISME department will organize a new ThermoSysPro training session on 8-9th November 2021. If you want to discover the physics directing ThermoSysPro modelling choices and the way to efficiently use the ThermoSysPro library to build up your own models, you can register following these... Read more

Feedback on ThermoSysPro training session


The ThermoSysPro training session was held on 25-26th January 2021 with 8 participants from CEA and different EDF departments. This training session was 100% digital for the first time and has been highly appreciated by all the participants. Read more

NAFEMS20 France conference


NAFEMS is a global organization gathering researchers and engineers on the topic of numerical simulations. Claire-Eleuthèriane Gerrer and Sylvain Girard from Phimeca Engineering will present their work on health monitoring using ThermoSysPro models. The article Health Monitoring using... Read more

ThermoSysPro training session [full]


The PRISME department organises its yearly training session on ThermoSysPro on 25-26th January 2021 in EDF Lab Chatou. The animator, Luis Corona Mesa Moles, works with one of the authors of the library. He will introduce the trainees to the physics directing ThermoSysPro modelling choices. Read more

Launch partnership with Phimeca Engineering


EDF R&D has developed ThermoSysPro library to help the maintenance of nuclear power plants. This library is now used by many industrials, out of the exclusive framework of power plants. Combined with artificial intelligence, models using ThermoSysPro components can be employed to maintain and... Read more

11th International conference on integrated design and production


The conference on integrated design and production supports integrating approaches of production at the conceptual, methodological and technical levels. Elmehdi Azzouzi, Audrey Jardin and Daniel Bouskela presented their work on systems stakeholders coordination in Fez, Morocco. The article ... Read more

ThermoSysPro 3.2 release


ThermoSysPro 3.2 includes now a various number of thermodynamic components. Read more

13th IEEE International Systems Conference


Elmehdi Azzouzi, Audrey Jardin and Daniel Bouskela took part at the 13th IEEE International Systems Conference held in Orlando, Florida. Together with Faïda Mhenni and Jean-Yves Choley they presented their methodology to build complex systems using multiple energy sources. The article A Survey on... Read more

13th International Modelica Conference


Luis Corona-Mesa-Moles, Audrey Jardin, Amine Benssy and Yulu Dong took part at the 13th Modelica Conference, held in OTH Regensburg. They presented their work on data reconciliation and calibration of a large-scale ThermoSysPro model. The article Robust Calibration of Complex ThermoSysPro Models... Read more

Release of ThermoSysPro book


The book entitled Modeling and Simulation of Thermal Power Plants with ThermoSysPro : A Theoretical Introduction and a Practical Guide is released today. This book explains the modelling and simulation of thermal power plants, and introduces readers to the equations needed to model a wide range of... Read more