Launch partnership with Phimeca Engineering


EDF R&D has developed ThermoSysPro library to help the maintenance of nuclear power plants. This library is now used by many industrials, out of the exclusive framework of power plants. Combined with artificial intelligence, models using ThermoSysPro components can be employed to maintain and predict failures of machines.

Phimeca Engineering is specialized in artificial intelligence, namely data science, applied to industrial cases. The reliability and robustness of the installations under study are asserted using physical models, such as ThermoSysPro's.

Phimeca and EDF now associate their strength to develop ThermoSysPro and its environment. Phimeca will contribute with its technical knowledge by creating & maintaining a documentation & a website dedicated to the library. Further common work will be the development of communication about ThermoSysPro usage and potential.

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